I relish in the essence of you surrendering to My touch
as I harness your submission with My Dominant desires
to submit, surrender and obey Me

Virtual Offerings

Virtual Offerings

Virtual Offerings

 Virtual Session

30 min $150 / 45 min $180 


This video call is ideal for the subject who feels the urge for a session.

During this video call you will be under my control and you will be expected to obey and perform for My amusement.

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My Style

I am a connoisseur of weaving traditional protocol and training into My mystic realms of 

Intense, Sensual, Domination.

You will address me as Mistress Electra Amore and I am into sessions that create an intense and deep experience. 

I will pave the way for you to embody your desired archetype.

I will train you to surrender to your fantasy and fetish wholeheartedly.

My touch will echo deep within your ‘sub’ consciousness for ever after.

To be granted a session with Myself, you need to be ready for the awakening of your soul’s purpose, there is no room for the timid in my realm.

I offer three session options, each exploring a different level of intensity rather than being based on a time frame.

The structure of each session will flow with a consultation, then moving into the negotiated scenario and winding up the scene with time dedicated to aftercare & recovery before you are released back into the world.

If I have you captivated, please read each session offer and explore each pursuit carefully and see which ones resonates with your own desire to be under my control.

I advise you to explore this page further, follow the arrows to grasp who I am, where I have originated from and to see if you are eligible to be considered for My desires. 

Wicked Regards

Mistress Electra Amore®

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In Person Session

A Moment in time 


This session offer is designed to give you a taste of engaging with your fantasy, fetish and kink. 

Ideally created for a beginner to dip their toes into the unknown and to experience their desires and explore the fetishes that they have been fantasising about under the safety of my instructions.  

(One hour)


 submit, surrender & Obey


This session offer is ideal for those of you who have some experience and wish to explore more and be edged further into your submission. 

I will train you to take a little bit extra when I introduce you to the ritual of how to obey and surrender to the next level whilst being under my control.   

(Two hours)


Relinquish yourself


This session offer is for those of you who know there is a deeper realm to explore and are willing to surrender completely to My will and experience the magic of My power.

I invite you to step into My realm, where I will weave My mystic ways and have you relinquish yourself before Me as we explore the potency of being in ritual space.

(Three hours)




Now – 2020  



TBC 2020



  TBC 2020


BDSM, Fetish, Kink & Role-Play

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