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The Dominatrix

A renowned Professional Dominatrix for close to 30 years, Mistress Electra Amore is back in her birth city of Melbourne and offering sessions again.

Specialising in an array of session such as, Impact Play, Sensory Deprivation, CBT, NT and Anal Play.

She welcomes her devotees, admirers and those new to the kink to respectfully email her for the finer details.

The Educator

One of Mistress Electra Amore’s passions is teaching. She loves sharing her knowledge and helping people to become educated, trained and confident within their kink.

She offers an array of options from Mentoring, 1 on 1 Training, Small Group Workshops and Fetish Consultation for newbies, life-stylers, professionals and those who are curios and ready to explore.

Email to arrange an appointment or to make an enquiry.

The Practitioner

Electra is an Emotional Release Practitioner, she weaves her own experience and knowledge into offering a select range of clearings that help people move through their emotions, with an intent to release any emotional charges they may be harbouring.

Emotional Clearing sessions will be available soon.

To be kept informed, please sign up to her Newsletter.

Do You Want To Improve Your Kink Life?

Take that Step to expand your knowledge and empower yourself with the skills to become a confident and skillful kinkster by booking a mentor or 1:1 training session with Mistress Electra Amore.

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