A time of change

In a blink of an eye lid, life changes instantly.

We have been hearing for decades all sorts of predictions that would effect the whole world.  Though many of us thought it would be a war or a wave……  Who would have thought a virus?

Well to be fare, there where a few who had made that prediction, though I suspect none of us really realised the extent that it would cause.

But here we are a few months into 2020 house bound and a large proportion of the population of the world out of work and the virus spreading around the Globe.

On the lead up of the news of the virus hitting Australia, my work was instantly effected.  Like clock work, the  predators came out of the dark to attempt to bargain lower prices for sessions, this is the first sign I have come to realise that there is a global change happening.

Then the fear monger of the news penetrating us form all angles to stay in side!

I personally could see that this wasn’t to be a week or two virus, though an unpredictable period.  With this realisation, I had packed and moved my entire belongings from my beautiful Sydney base back to Melbourne and into storage yet again.

So here I am at my vintage writing desk in the suburbs of Melbourne, in lock down adjusting to the sudden change that we all have been faced with.  I am safe and have decided to use this time to dedicate to working on another project that I have been attempting to do for a few years.  I really have no excuse now.

As for “in person” sessions I will consider the options once things have settled.

Until then I hope you are safe and well.

Wicked Regards

Mistress Electra Amore