Canberra – Monday 4th to Friday 5th February 2019

On the eve of the Luna New Year I find Myself back in Canberra for the week. As I say it is my favourite place to tour.

This tour I’m here for a week and have with me my new BONDAGE bench that I whipped up at the end of last year. This bench is quite magical! for one its portable, it had parts that move and parts I can remove to make it into a bondage chair. Its extremely versatile and I have to admit I am totally in love with playing with it.

So much so I fantasise all the time what wonderful ways I can bind a willing subject to it.

And this tour that fantasy revolves around using clingfilm to mummify a body to the bench :-).

Though if you are more inclined to have your limbs bound by rope, leather, latex then that is possible to.

The possibility are endless, so why don’t you share with Me how you would like to be bound by sending Me a email.

Wicked Regards

Mistress Electra Amore