Canberra & Sydney its time for you to submit to Me again.

Have you been wondering where I have been of late?

Well the good news is I’ve been weaving a bit of my dominant magic and have two announcements to make.

The first being my tour to Canberra.

I will be Dominating Canberra on the eve of Tuesday 13th & Thursday 14th of August and currently have free from 4pm available for sessions on both days.  My last appointment time is 8pm.  That means you need to be in my door at 8pm.

I will be offering shorter frame sessions of one hour for $400.  If you are interested in securing an appointment time please use the email contact page.

The second my return to Sydney.  Yes its been quite a while since I offered session in Sydney and by the end of August I will be available in my own play space with my own assortment of equipment, offering sessions again on a Thursday & Friday between noon to 7pm.

I will post another blog shortly with more details, but at the moment all you need to know is I am returning and I am looking froward to being in my own space again.

If you would like to make a booking or enquiry please fill out the questions on the contact page and press submit and I will respond in due cause.

Until then play safe.

Wicked Regards
Mistress Electra Amore