Celebrating Sexuality 2019

Its that time of year again, when I pack my bags of equipment and head off to the Victorian Peninsula for a weekend of fun, learning, teaching and to make more wonderful memories with my co facilitators and the people who are attending this year at Celebrating Sexuality.

It is my all time favourite weekend away event and I have been attending off and on for the past eight years.  Though sadly this is the last one for a while, as Jo the organiser of this amazing event has decided to end it on a high note.

I’ll be facilitating three workshops over the weekend and looking forward to attending some of the others.  I haven’t really looked at the offerings as yet to decide which one’s I will be attending, I thought I would leave it as a surprise.

So that means I will be stopping over in Canberra for an evening and having my way with my handful of the Capitals devotees.  Then off to Melbourne for a few weeks.  Both of these tours are booked out at this stage.  Though you are welcome to try your luck.

My Sydney subjects, I will be back and available form the 28th November, just in time to keep you all under control leading up to the festive season.

Until then play safe.

Wicked Regards

Mistress Electra Amore