Mistresses & Macaroons: On Lineage & Q&As on Mistressery

Date 26 May 2023-26 May 2023
LocationCollin St Melbourne

An Advanced Mistressery Q&As session & social meet with Anne O Nomis & Mistress Electra Amore. Let’s talk Mistressery over tea & macaroons!

The first “Mistresses & Macaroons” event which we will be holding bi-monthly at secret chambers in Collins Street, for up to a maximum of 10 attendees. 
At this first session, Anne O Nomis will be formally welcoming and introducing Mistress Electra Amore, and the two will discuss lineage, before opening up to a Questions and Answers on all things Mistressery.
This event includes:
* Welcome & Introductory to Mistress Electra Amore, who will be teaching Advanced Mistressery courses in the future.
* Discussion on topic of Lineage. (From famous Victorian era Dominatrix Theresa Berkley and her apprentices, which Anne O Nomis recently filmed on in Freud Museum London; to Mistress Electra and Anne’s own experience in apprenticeship lineage.)
* Q&As on all things Mistressery.
* Herbal tea and macaroons provided.

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