February & March in the Mistress Lair – Sydney

I feel like its a bit to late to formal say “Happy New Year” to some of you,  though for Myself I celebrate the new year three different times between January & March.

1st – The actual start to the New Year

2nd – The Chinese New Year

3rd – The start of the Western Astrology New Year

For some of you this may sound strange, but for Myself, it is the way I conduct Myself and honour the Easter & Western traditions in this multi culture world that we all live in.

As we approach the 3rd New Year I find myself back in the Mistress Lair here in Sydney for all of February and the first few weeks of March.
I’ve opened my appointment book for the whole month of February and will consider appointment requests from 11am to 7pm.

As of March I will be limiting my availability to regular clients and selected days only.

So I advice to you, is to take this opportunity up during February to get yourself known to Me to be considered for future appointments.

Happy New Year

Mistress Electra Amore