I Am

a Dominant womyn that dances up a mystic storm with your erotic shadows.

My court of loyal devotees has first-hand experience of My reign of female supremacy and power exchange.

Though for the admirers and the curious new ones whom haven’t yet been granted to the pleasures of My accomplished touch.  

This is My introduction of who I am, where I have originated from and the path I have carved to gain the reputation of being an Australian Regal Dominatrix.

With My natural hourglass buxom figure, long dark locks and green eyes, which are a reflection of My European  bloodline.  I integrate My sadistic needs, Which run deep within My veins and use My wisdom to harness My chosen subjects to…

submit, surrender and obey.

My Training

My skills and knowledge have come from over two decades of professional and lifestyle indulgence.

Trained in the old style of being a submissive first, I quickly learnt the importance of Safe, Sane and Consensual play is paramount.

I experienced first-hand what it was like to be at the mercy of an untrained Dominant client at the original House of Domination in Melbourne.

These experiences shaped My foundations to be vigilant on catering in scenario that ensure that Myself and My subjects safety is a priority.

My skills and knowledge has been gained with hands on practice on many subjects and peers.

To extend my knowledge, I’ve dedicated time to additional study in Urban Tantra, Somatic Sexology, The Wheel of Consent and I am trained in emotional clearing.

My solid experience and studies enhance my ability to understand you and your core erotic theme.

I connect and lead My subject into the depths of exploration in many forms. Either for a moment in time or forming an evolving bond of expansion between the two of us.

I honour the mentoring I was given from the hierarchy of the industry and in turn I have and do pass my knowledge on to the next generation.

My History

I have a documented timeline of working for reputable establishments and alongside many Dommes, switches and submissives.

I’ve hosted clubs, attended local and overseas events, and taught fetish workshops.

I’ve written, been featured and modelled for fetish and main stream magazines, newspapers and been documented in one form or another for many websites, TV, radio and podcasts within Australia, Japan, UK and Europe.

Reflecting my maturity having established a world-renowned reputation.

  • I was traditionally trained at the original House of Domination in Melbourne by Mistress Britt during the mid 90’s.
  • By the end of 1999, I had become a known identity within Australia as The Mistress of the Dungeons of L&D in Brunswick St Fitzroy, after being featured in a 9 page sealed section in Cleo magazine and other media attention.
  • By mid 2000 I moved to the UK. It was in London that I feel I captured the essence of what it was all about to be a Dominatrix and how to swing a cane with accuracy. I started My UK career just off Baker St in an established dungeon ran by Goddess Dianna and her maids. Then My reputation was enhanced in the scene when I became a fetish model for the Woman’s Worship website.
  • By late 2000’s I became an independent Dominatrix and established My very own domestic and dungeon set up in NW6 London and became a muse for the London fetish photographer Peter Felix Kurtz.
  • Late 2004 I spent a few months living in Germany and sessioning with Lady Riva in her Gummi House, where I acquired a taste for the art of layering of latex and rubber.
  • I returned back to Australia and in 2005 I stepped into The Dominas Realm in Melbourne run by Mistress Cleo. Where I took the lead in training and mentoring many of the established professional fetish people that are around today. On a social level I became the hostess at Abode’s fetish night ‘Confessional’ for three years and wrote for Kink-E magazine as their fashion editor.
  • During 2011 I got swept away to Adelaide, where I spent three years re-establishing what is now known as the Fetish Palace. This is where I had the opportunity to put forth all My study and experience into practice.
  • And by 2014 I moved to Sydney and happily became an independent Dominatrix again and I tour around Australia offering session and conducting workshops for events like The Gathering (Sydney), Oz Kink Fest (Melbourne) and FEAST (Sydney).
  • 2018 I launched this website.

My Expectation of you

My court is diverse, filled with an assortment of people of all genders, abilities, nationalities, religious backgrounds, ages, size, sexualities and level of experiences.

Though the one quality I seek in all My chosen subjects is the ability to be honest with thyself, first and for most!

The honesty I speak of is of self-recognition.

That you have a want, need, desire or urge in some form or another, which you wish to express.

If you are aware of its existence and are open to the option to dive deeper into yourself to explore your fetish, fantasy, submission, kink, perversion etc.….

And you are compatible with My own pursuits within this realm of BDSM, Fantasy, Fetish, Kink, Role Play and Cross Dressing scenarios.

Then you are invited to make contact with Me.

Words To Ponder

This website is only a glimmer of who I am. 

Until you have the opportunity to be in My presence, you will never know the true pleasure of surrendering to My will.

Until our paths cross

Wicked regards

Mistress Electra A’more®



My Hard Limits

This is a list of scenarios that I DO NOT partake in and are NON NEGOTIABLE.

Smoking Fetish –  Brown showers  –  Roman Showers  –  Personal Services

Under no circumstances will I indulge in any scenarios involving POPPERS, AMYL or anything of a similar nature. 
The physical effect of this kind of substance leads to the short term memory cells being destroyed and causing permanent short term memory lost.

If you wish to experience a similar effect that those substances produce. Then I suggest trying one of my tantra inspired sessions, where with the simplest coaching on breath, you can achieve the same light headiness and relaxed body parts with a healthier and more intense out come.

Spoil Me

These are just a few of my favourite things. 

– Camilla Frank or David Jones gift voucher
– Dark Mint Chocolate
– Frankincense or Rose Oil
– Fetters Leather Body Bag
– The current RAV4 AWD Cruiser – Gold 
– A home to call my own

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