The return to Sydney with the Mistress’s Lair.

My exciting news for this blog is, I’ve returned to Sydney and have My own space again.

Affectionately named by Me – ‘The Mistress Lair’ in honour of cause of being born a LEO. 🙂
My prowess ways are back in action on the soils of the North Shores of Sydney, with Thursday & Fridays (and the occasional weekends by request) from 11:30am to 7pm being the days I’m dedicating to weaving my magic with suitable subjects.

The Mistress’s Lair though a tad smaller than my Surry Hills play space, is comfortable & I managed to fit in all my favourite bits of furniture & equipment that complements my offerings & reflects My Intense, Sensual, Dominant ways.

  • Dominating the Lair is My wooden & metal bondage frame: This sturdy piece is a versatile bit of equipment that can be used in several ways.  With tie points I can tie a willing subject standing up spread eagle between the poles or I can use the poles to tie to. With as many points I’m able to attach one of my many bits of leather equipment to use. eg: fuck sling, sit sling, leather spine just to name a few.
  • The medial gurney: takes pride of place in the centre of the Lair, ideal for bondage and all sorts of play and is currently on wheels so can be moved around with ease.
  • The imposing medieval style gibbet: awaits it’s next victim, with its metal embrace, it sure is an unique bit of equipment.
  • The whipping bench: as the name suggest, is ideal for those moments of being knelt over, strapped down and back side at the mercy of my whims. This bench can all be used as a chair and great for nipple & CBT styles of play to name a few.
  • In the corner, what looks like an old travellers trunk you will find is actually the ideal size to squeeze someone into for a bit of isolation.
  • And the chair perched in front of the mirror, so you can see yourself on your knees while you kneel before me.

As for equipment, having been a ‘gear head’ or collector of equipment for over 20 years, I have to admit, I have a bit of stuff.
With a fine array of:

  • Impact play equipment: canes, straps, paddles, whips, floggers, single tails.
  • Leather bondage restrains: from cuffs & collar to heavy restrictive bindings & hoods.
  • Rubber bondage restrains: Heavy rubber restrains.
  • Latex bondage equipment: My collection has some timely pieces, from straight jackets, body bags, capes, hoods gas masks, latex doll hoods etc..
  • Heavy metal restrains: cuffs, thumb cuffs, hand cuffs, metal collars.
  • CBT, nipples & anal toys, electrics, sounds.

If you are excited by any of the above and feel like you are a suitable subject for My pleasures, then you are welcome to submit an email.

Sydney I’m excited to be back and I look forward to having My wicked ways with you once again.

Wicked Regards

Mistress Electra Amore.