What I enjoy about Double Domination sessions.

Mistress Electra Amore & Lady Riva being served by the maid. Germany August 2004

I do have to admit, that it is during double domination sessions that I really enjoy exploring the humiliation, degradation side of play. This is an area I find testing in a one on one session but seamlessly embrace with such bravado in a double dome session I almost run away with my enthusiasm as I bounce off the other Dominant and our play subject at the time. The expressions, tension, laughter, embarrassment and the vulnerability of the subject, feeds my need to poke and push for more reaction and the knowing glanMistress Electra Amore & Mistress Ursula teasing a slave - Woman worship shoot London 2003ce’s swapped between myself and the other Dominant brings a smile to my whole face and not just my lips that fuels the sadistic streak like a hungry Lioness on the prowl.

Double domination session have played an active roll in my career from the very beginning, when I was an apprentice at The House of Domination in North Carlton Melbourne and under the watchful eyes of Mistress Britt, Suzette, Sin and Ursula. I was expected to join the head Mistresses in session and be at their beck and call and it was at this point I learnt how to merge with the scene at hand and ride with the spontaneity of all involved.

Over the years there have been many memorable double domination sessions. The main ones that are etched in my mind is with Mistress Ursula in my London Dungeon where we trampled a young lad using the suspension frame and sit sling as our swing to tip toe all over his naked flesh in our high heels.   Mistress Gabrielle in Adelaide at The Fetish Palace where we had a gutsy slave beg us to kick his balls, while we wore latex leggings and thigh high boots, he was tied to the cross helplessly while we took it in turns practising our ballet leg swings. And recently with Mistress Artemisia de Vine in Sydney at The de Vinery, Where we took a slave shopping down King St Newtown for a new anal toy to be used on him.

Mistress Electra Amore & Mistress Gabrielle correcting the ways of a wayward lad in The Fetish Palace school room in Adelaide.

Years of working within fetish establishments I have done my fare share of training and have fond memories of conducting double domination sessions while training Lady Ambrosia Noir and Louella, Mistress Summer Storm and naughty Emily.

Now as an independent Dominatrix in Sydney I have joined forces with Mistress Artemisia de Vine the Humiliatrix in offering those who dare the opportunity to submit to us both. So far we have been a hit with many of Mistress Artemisia regular subjects begging for our attention. Golden showers, spit roastings, surprised appearances, tag teaming with cane strokes, shopping sprees and an eventful afternoon play with “Mrs Harpers” dice have been had.

As we both evolve with creating a flow, I find myself embracing my authentic dominant self and having to place focus on two or more people is a skill in it self, but when you are faced with two Dominatrix’s dressed in full attire, this is when I witness a whole array of satisfactory emotions…

Are you willing, game and suitable to be one of our subjects for our pleasure?

Only time will tell…..